The Campaign Maker is now upRive

Some of you may have noticed the lack of updates happening with The Campaign Maker over the past 9 months.

BUT what you don't know is that we have been quietly working on a MAJOR rework of our platform to further utilize the Facebook marketing api and all its glorious hidden features.

Not to mention drastically improving the speed and stability of our platform.... oh and a cool new design.

Farewell TCM and welcome upRive

What has changed with upRive

The first thing we did in this rework was gutting our backend platform completely and starting from scratch using a new lightweight and intuitive platform that paves a way for the future of Facebook marketing.

We literally designed everything from the ground up, with the focus on upRive providing a unique service you wont find anywhere else.

You will notice that this is a completely different beast than The Campaign Maker and will provide you with unparalleled value when used properly.

You will also notice that we are rebranding The Campaign Maker to with a whole new set of features, changes and a shiny new design focused on better user experience to provide a more seamless Facebook ads journey for you.

Under the upRive name and with your continued support we hope to grow to be a major Facebook marketing platform and partner.

For existing users, please contact support to reactivate your account using the new upRive platform.

Ready to dive in?
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