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What is upRive?

The word Rive means to split apart violently (literally)

That’s what we do with Facebook ads; we split test heavily (violently) to find our profitable ad, then we scale it to cash in. upRive means to split test at a more ↑ efficient level.

To create a profitable campaign in Facebook ads, it is absolutely essential to split test correctly and without wasting your budget along the way. With that in mind, we focused 100% on solving the core problems that come with split testing, and we found some epic solutions.

What does upRive do?

upRive is a Facebook marketing software that uses a unique method to create ads more efficiently, which drastically improves your Facebook marketing results.

This Is How We Solved These Core Problems In Facebook Ads By Doing Things Differently

See precisely how upRive can help you avoid wasting time, energy, and resources on inefficient methods by solving these core problems in Facebook ads.


Your Ads Are Temporary And Lose Social Proof When Used Anywhere Else

Every time you create an ad right now, it makes it a one-time ad that you can’t use anywhere else. This becomes wasteful when you have a successful ad with social engagement that you want to utilize with another audience.

So you end up losing out on all the social data it accumulated (Likes, comments, shares) when you duplicate it for another audience or campaign. It’s like starting from scratch every time, which is a big waste of time, effort, data, and money.


upRive Reusable Ads Capture & Leverage Social Proof

Creating an ad once through upRive saves it as a master ad - and allows you to reuse it infinitely across as many audiences and campaigns as you want, without losing any social proof.

The best part? Once you find a winning ad, you can reuse that exact same ad with all its social data goodness, wherever you need it. Be honest which one would you click?

facebook ad
reusable ad

Split Testing Audiences Causes Overlap - Raises Your Costs And Gets Worse Results

How do you find your ideal audience on Facebook ads? The answer most advertisers will tell you is by split testing through multiple audiences.

Split testing on Facebook ads is one of the best and most complicated methods to get better results for your ads. However, split testing can be expensive when done without proper planning.

When you split test multiple audiences, you are likely to get overlap between them. Meaning you would essentially be bidding against yourself - which raises your overall costs.


Noverlap Audience Eliminate Overlap, Save Money, And Deliver 100% Pure Data!

When you split test with upRive, you have the option to automatically eliminate overlap in a single click across your multiple audiences thoroughly before launching a campaign.

This allows for a purer form of split testing, which drastically reduces your cost to reach the exact same audience and improves your overall results.

Below is the exact same audience, one without and one with Noverlap applied.

Without noverlap applied (95% overlap)
with noverlap applied (0% overlap)

Campaign Budget Structure’s Suck When Split Testing

Let’s say you have three unique ads and four unique audiences you want to split test for your campaign. The conventional way is to recreate the same ads over and over for every single audience.

You end up with 12 ads created, which means your budget will be spread thin across each of those 12 ads needlessly. This makes your campaign inefficient, even before spending a single dollar.

THE UPRIVE SOLUTIoN ~ uprive campaigns

Uprive Campaigns Make It Easy And Cost-Efficient To Split Test

upRive sets up the campaign differently. Instead of creating different ads for each audience, we use the same ads across all audiences.

Rather than creating 12 ads, upRive will only use 3 reusable ads, which will drastically improve the efficiency of every dollar you spend.

Using our approach, each ad effectively gets 4x the budget and drastically improves conversion rates without additional costs.

Best of all, it captures all social proof as you continuously re-use the same ads time and time again.
This is the smarter way to split-test.

Traditional Campaign Budget Structure
upRive Campaign Budget Structure

Facebook Audience Targeting Is Too Broad And Suck When Split Testing

Facebook audience targeting is overly generalized, which means that you’re targeting the exact same people your competitors are targeting, which raises the costs for everyone.

And since your targeting isn’t precise, you’re spending too much money and not driving the results that you should be getting.

Here is how most advertisers search for an audience: John owns a golf apparel company and wants to find avid golfers across the United States. He starts by typing golf in the search bar. He sees only 25 grossly generalized interests that everyone targets, resulting in inflated bidding prices = higher costs.

THE UPRIVE SOLUTIoN ~ Audience research

Uprive Audience Research Uncovers Deep Untapped Interests

We developed an interest search algorithm that will get you hundreds of targeting interests, directly from the Facebook API. This allows you to find those rarely used untapped targeting interests, which results in a much lower cost to reach.

Best of all, our platform can show you the actual size of each audience based on YOUR filters (such as country, age, gender…). This way, you never end up with an interest that is too small for your audience.

Using our approach, you can find low competition interests, resulting in a much lower price to reach and a better result for your campaign. Giving you a bigger bang for your buck.

Ads manager research ~25 interests
audience research ~213 interests

upRive Drastically Improves Facebook Ads ROI Using Proven Methods

Test out our one-of-a-kind features and see how your Facebook Ads experience improves.

We guarantee you less wasted time, less stress, and better performance. Creat your first campaign for free and decide whether upRive is the right fit for you!

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Still Not Convinced?

We also added these essential features to make your experience even better!

Beautiful Analysis Dashboard

We designed our dashboard to make it easy to breakdown and see exactly how your campaigns, audiences, and ads are doing with your hard-earned budget.

Automatic Trigger Optimization Rules

Simply tell upRive what you want it to look for in an existing campaign, and it will continuously review it and perform an action you specify automatically.

Branded & Whitelabel Analysis PDF

Quickly and easily download your analysis reports into PDF format to share between teammates or present it to a client.

Built For Teams

Manage campaigns as a team? We offer a simple sub-account option, which makes it easy for teams to manage together.

Email Reports (coming soon)

Get daily or weekly analysis reports sent directly to you or your client’s email to stay in the loop without even logging in to upRive.

Knowledge Base

Become an upRive expert by going through our knowledge base filled with detailed videos and articles on maximizing your budget.

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Whether you’re using ads for your agency, or just for your own business, we’ve got a plan for you.

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  • Create Up To 100 Splits Per Campaign
  • Complex Automated Rule Conditions
  • Whitelabel Pdf Analysis Downloads
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