Issue 3

Campaign budget structure’s suck when split testing

Let’s say you have three unique ads and five unique audiences you want to split test for your campaign. The conventional way to split test this is to create a campaign in the following way:

The Solution

upRive Campaigns make it easy and cost-efficient to split test.

upRive sets your ads up differently. Instead of creating different ads for each audience we use the same ads across all audiences. So instead of creating 15 ads in the example we just shared, with upRive it will only use the 3 main ads, which in turn will drastically improve the efficiency of every dollar spent. This allows you to combine social proof while eliminating wasted time and money!

Using our approach each ad effectively gets 5x the budget and drastically improves conversion rates without any additional costs to you. Best of all, it captures all social proof as you continuously re-use the same ads time and time again. This is the smarter way to split-test.

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Issue 1

Ads are temporary and lose social proof when duplicated

Every time you create an ad right now, it creates it as a one-time ad that you can’t use anywhere else. This becomes wasteful when you have a successful ad with social engagement that you want to utilize with another audience.

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Issue 2

Split testing audiences causes overlap - raising your costs and tainting your data

When you split test multiple audiences you are likely to get overlap between them, meaning you would essentially be bidding and outbidding yourself - which results in raised overall costs. In addition, the overlap means that your data is tainted.

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Issue 4

Facebook audience targeting is too broad

Facebook’s audience targeting is overly generalized, which means that you’re targeting the exact same people your competitors are already targeting, which in turn raises the costs for everyone. And since your targeting isn’t precise, you’re spending too much money and not driving the results that you should be getting.

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upRive Drastically Improves Facebook Ads ROI Using Proven Methods

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