The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads

5 Facts About Facebook Advertising You Never Knew


These days more and more people have started using Facebook as a means of advertising, and there is no doubt that it can be extremely effective. There are certain things about this method of advertising that you probably never knew though, and it’s important that you find out what they are.

1. Facebook Bids are Strongly Affected by Season
The algorithm that Facebook uses is based on a bidding system, which essentially determined the price of an impression based on numerous factors. This bidding system is hugely affected by the time of year. For instance, Black Friday and Christmas typically have a higher cost for each click.

2. There is a Click to Chat Option
The click to chat option that Facebook offers can be particularly useful for customer service, and they can be set up rather easily. These campaigns tend to work well with users who have already visited a site and are familiar with a certain product or service. While a lot of people simply do not know about the click to chat option or just don’t use it, it’s definitely worth looking into.

3. Delivery is Greatly Affected by the Amount of Text in the Image
It is important to remember that the more text you have in an image, the lower the delivery is going to be. Facebook tends to prefer posts with images that have minimal or no text at all in them. It is highly recommended that you post ads with a low text to image ratio so you can increase your chances of them working well for you. While this might not seem very important, it can affect your ad campaign in a big way.

4. Facebook placements require different ad strategies
There is an ad platform for Facebook that you can use to create ad sets so you can advertise across numerous devices automatically. Keep in mind that different devices come with their own ad requirements. By breaking down your ad campaigns by device, you will be able to enhance performance in a very noticeable way. The fact is that you shouldn’t have the same strategy when it comes to ads for desktop computers as opposed to mobile devices, because it’s apples and oranges.

5. Creativity is extremely Important
It is very important that you get creative when it comes to the content and ads you post, because otherwise customers are going to get disinterested very quickly. The more you change up your ads, the better your chances will be of making them work. Make sure that you keep coming up with fresh ways to advertise your products and/or services so that they stay interesting and relevant.

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Samy Zabarah

Samy Zabarah is the creator of upRive. He also founded FUBSZ LLC, a Facebook ad management service based in Florida, USA, where he managed ad accounts for over 350 clients worldwide.

He started using Facebook ads in 2011, and since then, he has been using Facebook ads as his sole source of marketing.

By Samy Zabarah
The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads