The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads

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3 of the Best Methods for Optimizing Your Video Ads on Facebook


It’s no secret that there is a lot of money to be made with Facebook video ads, but you will need to know how to effectively optimize them for the best possible results. If you are going to try making as much money as possible through this method, it’s highly recommended that you take the following methods into consideration. 1. Use the Right Font While it may seem like somewhat of a simple...

The truth about your latest CTR performance (and why it matters)


How is your campaign performing? Wait let me rephrase it, how should your campaign be performing? CTR 1.8%. It’s good! Right? Or is it? We studied dozens of reports available online, we matched those results with the experience of The Campaign Maker’s clients, and we put together a short, clear article to finally help you answer those questions once and for all. Are you ready to find out if you...

Use Facebook Ad Text Tool to Get Guaranteed Results


What is the Facebook Ad text tool? Facebook ads, marketers and amount of text over images. This has always been a love-hate relation. With the Facebook ad text tool trying to act as the peacekeeper. If you’ve been dealing with Facebook advertising for a while, you more than likely heard of the 20% rule. If you are relatively new to the game here is a quick recap: Facebook believes that users...

Powerful Facebook Advertising Tools & Tips to Increase Business Sales


What can Facebook Advertising Tools do for you? We care about our campaigns. It makes sense. So much time spent crafting them, so much is at stake. Sometimes, it can be difficult to leave them unmonitored. And it’s not just out of anxiety. We want to be able to tweak, adjust and react in real time to ensure our campaigns are as successful as possible. Imagine to be able to switch a specific ad...

Advanced Facebook Advertising & Marketing Strategy


Creating a successful Facebook advertising strategy can feel overwhelming. From concept stage to the (absolutely fundamental) testing phase. From the launch to the constant monitoring and tweaking. So much is involved. And so much is at stake! With Facebook ads you can achieve real results, with returns no other platform can offer. But you can also waste real money. And it gets worse. Because...

Use Facebook Ad Tool to Boost Business Sales


Why the right Facebook Ad tool can make all the difference for your business. I started a number of businesses. Many of them as a one man band. I’ve been multiple times through the highs and lows of running a startup. I’ve struggled (and still do in my newest projects) with the hardship of having a tight budget. Or no budget at all. I feel your pain when you read about the latest Facebook ad tool...

The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads