The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads

Amazing Headlines That Convert For All Types Of Facebook Ads Objectives 


Facebook will always attempt to optimize your campaign for you, but the ad content–and how well it does–will ultimately come down to you.

A headline that invites the audience to take action, to think about a topic or to engage emotionally are all valid choices, but the headline objective needs to, in essence, match the Facebook ad campaign objective. 

Here we’ll GIVE you amazing headlines for your ads, depending on the campaign objective so you can complete your campaign mission. 

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Are you creating a branding campaign to generate interest in your brand or company? Facebook gives you these two choices for objectives: 


1.BRAND AWARENESS. For generating brand recognition and brand purpose, associating your brand with something in particular. 

2.REACH: To reach as many people as possible, casting a large net. 

Brand Awareness / Reach Headlines: 

Here is where you would like to call out a problem that your brand solves. That way, when a person in your brand’s audience has the problem again, your brand or product is associated with helping them out. The goal here is to call out the problem in question form. These headlines are SUPER effective. 

  • “Tired of a stiff, sore back?” 
  • “Wish you could live debt free?” 
  • “Too busy to clean?” 



Consideration is much like a soft call to action. This means you aren’t yelling at your audience to get them to buy immediately from you. Instead, you want them to start considering doing business with you. 

This Facebook ads option is valuable for brands who may have pricey events, conferences, products, courses, etc., and the brand wants them to be lifelong customers. 

So, if your goal is to get your Facebook ads audience to learn more information about your business or brand, or to make your audience start thinking about your business or buying your products, Facebook ads objectives gives you the following options. 


  1. TRAFFIC. Traffic to your website or sales page. Here, you’re seeing how many people are warming up to your idea. This is great information to see how a product or service might do in sales when it is offered. 

Traffic Headlines : 

To gain traffic to a website, you need to open a curiosity gap that can only be answered on the page where you’re sending them. 

  • “Find out how we increased our _____ by 310%” 
  • “What’s the #1 cause of (your problem)? Find out here!” 


  1. ENGAGEMENT. Post or ad engagement is how you gauge the temperature or feelings of your Facebook ads audience. Getting your audience to engage is vital to success. 

Engagement headlines: 

To increase engagement, you need to evoke emotion, plain and simple. 

  • “DID YOU KNOW THAT _____ IS THE #1 CAUSE OF ________?” 
  • “The one tirck __________ use to GET YOU!” 
  • “This is why you haven’t been able to __________” 


  1. VIDEO VIEWS. Now there are ThruPlays, which are a more accurate Facebook ads metric for videos. These videos views are for only 3 seconds so make those 3 seconds count with powerful imagery or callouts. 

Video Views Headlines: 

Your headline here has to be compelling. This is great for introducing a product or story about a person who has used your product or service. 

  • “Watch our product clean these headlights, help people lose weight, etc.!” 
  • “Here’s what Bob has to say about using (our brand)…” 
  • “You’ll never believe how ____________ (our brand) _________.” 


  1. LEAD GENERATION. Lead generation is probably the most important Facebook ad campaign objective and result you could ever get. This is when people from your audience give you their information to contact them forever. You don’t have to pay for their interest over and over. You can email them about each new product or campaign. 

Lead Generation Headlines: 

This is where you give something away for free in exchange for your audience’s contact information. 

  • “Enter to win a _____.” 
  • “FREE Printable Calendar” 
  • “Get a FREE Consultation, Cleaning, Quote, etc.” 


  1. MESSAGES. Messages are very hot leads. If someone from your audience takes the time to message you, they really want an answer and are really active. Lead them to the correct sales page. 

Message Generation Headlines: 

With message generation, the process will indeed entail you asking them to message you. It could be for something free, for someone to contact them or to ask you a question. 

  • “Message Us Right Now for a Free Quote!” 
  • “Message Us NOW. We’ll Contact You Within 1 hour!” 
  • “Have Questions? We’re here to help. Message us right now!” 
  • “Message us for details on how you can pay off your home this year!” 



Conversion, conversion, conversion! Perhaps it is the most important number or percentage in sales history. Find your conversion by taking the total number of sales you’ve made during your Facebook ad’s campaign and dividing that number by the total number of people who visited your page. 


1. CONVERSIONS. Headlines that convert directly to sales are a sight to behold. Normally, you do have to warm the audience up a bit before they’ll buy from you, but if you have a really good deal on something they really need and put the deal or percentage off directly in the headline, then you have a high chance of converting your audience to customers instantly. 


2. CATALOG SALES. The headlines for this type of ad and delivery option would be similar to the rest in this section. Catalog sales are also driven by an ongoing sale and by bright, catchy imagery of your products. 


3. STORE VISITS. If this is a physical store you want they to go to, make the offer in-store only. If your focus is primarily on digital sales, you may want to make the offer online only. 

Conversion Headlines: 

  • “40% OFF when you BUY NOW!” 
  • “Spring Collection now 50% OFF ONLINE” 

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The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads