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How to Pitch Facebook Advertising to Clients



If you have a Facebook advertising agency, you need to know how to pitch Facebook advertising to clients.

In this article, we will talk about creating the perfect pitch. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll see results fast.

Let’s dig into what makes the perfect sales pitch!

Creating a Sales Pitch that Actually Sells


Before you go in and essentially ask someone for money, take a moment to be with the person.

Find out how his or her day is going. Observe the room for pictures or memorabilia to which you both can relate. Complement the business owner on doing such a great job in his or her field. Ask the owner how the business got started.

The business owner is mostly sold on you, your personality, and your character, so make sure you display them nicely. Also, really listen. Show how much you will focus on the business owner instead of just telling her or him that you will.

Small talk makes a BIG difference.


Every pitch needs an objective. No one wants to hear you ramble on and on about your business. Your goal could (and should) be to sell yourself and your advertising services, but it could also be more specific.

If you are starting with your Facebook advertising agency, your pitch objective could be to get a trial client so that you can have a case study or testimonial. Frame the pitch objective around collecting a testimonial, which is a much softer sales pitch.

After the business owner sees the results of your ads, create a new, more sales-y objective, and go for it!

How to Pitch Facebook Advertising to Clients


make a facebook ads pitch personal

Let’s say you did the work from step one and got to know your business owner. Now, you can personalize your pitch! Personal pitches work better than any other form. They let the business owners know you are pitching specifically to them and not a generic audience.

What if you don’t have the chance to build rapport in person?

Listen, everyone is online. Not officially meeting every single business owner is quite all right. You may not have the time to do so. If you don’t, good news! Everyone is online!

Google the business owners, learn everything you can about their businesses, and view their businesses’ Facebook pages. 

Then pick a post on which to comment, or read one of their reviews and let them know you saw it!


The best pitches of all time use stories. Using stories can be done in one of two ways: a personal story or using story structure.

Personal Story:

Yes, you can use a personal story if you’d like and if it’s pertinent. Relevant stories include how you led another business owner in that particular field to victory or how you started your business to solve other business owners’ Facebook advertising needs.

Please, please make your stories relevant. Business owners do not have time to hear about your drunk uncle’s holiday escapades, nor do they care. Get to the point.

Story Structure:

Here’s what we mean by using story structure to build an ad:

Open up a story gap that your potential client needs to close.

Start with a character (business owner) who has a problem (poor Facebook ads, bad Facebook page, not winning against his or her competition).

Then, the business owners meet a guide (you) who has the solution. From there, they can either choose to go with the solution or face their demise–not really, but you get the point.

Remind them of what is at stake if they don’t go with your plan. (Failure)

Remind them of what is at stake if they do go with your plan. (Success)


add value to your facebook ads pitch

Nothing is more critical in a sales pitch than adding value to yourself and your services. The business owners need to hear how much value you are giving them.

List the benefits AND how the benefits will affect them positively. Don’t just give a list of benefits. Everyone lists benefits.

Show business owners how the benefits will play out in their own lives and help them.

If you followed How to Pitch Facebook Advertising to Clients Step One and got to know them, you can personalize the value and benefits. Personalizing the benefits will lead you one step closer to victory!


Knock-knock jokes, Goldilocks with her trying three bowls of porridge, trying three beds, etc.

The law of three is everywhere.

Almost every business has a comfortable, three-step process to follow.


People remember things in threes. No one knows why, and no one really cares. Just use it to your advantage and present three steps or values to your potential clients.


After your first few businesses, you should have some testimonies. If not, ask your clients for some positive reviews. You only really need one to get started. After that, be sure to get one from most clients so that the new ones will feel better about signing with you.


Make your pitch as straightforward as possible. Be brief. Type it up. Read it out loud. If it sounds the least bit confusing, it is confusing. 

If it sounds overwhelming, it is overwhelming. Cut it down. Simplify everything.

The more comfortable your pitch is to understand, the easier it is for a potential client to say yes!


Have a few lines ready in case you are pitching to a particularly hesitant client. Nothing makes people decide faster than reminding them of their potential failures, such as not making as many sales if they choose not to seek your advertising expertise.

Always remind your potential clients of their possible successes as well. 

They need to know they are in good hands. Show that by showing where you can take them. Can they be the best in their respective fields? Of course, they can! (If they use your help, of course).


The best thing you can do after creating a sales pitch is to use it! Take it out for a test drive or two or fifty. If one client gets stuck on one part of the pitch, odds are, more will. 

Clarify that part and try again. If one client starts yawning or checks out of the conversation, take that part out or add some spice.

Practice makes perfect!

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