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Example Pitches for Facebook Advertisers


In this article, we give you example pitches for Facebook advertisers. We’ll also touch on the pitching strategy behind each of them.


We have all heard that writers get writer’s block, but it is important to note that sometimes salespeople get pitch block! It happens to even the top salesmen out there.

When you are pitching Facebook ads several times a day, you are definitely at risk.

Perhaps, you just need some help warming up your pitching chords. Unlike vocal exercises, we won’t make you pitch in high notes, but we encourage you to practice them aloud. Get feedback if you can.

Once you use these a few times, you can find out which parts you need to tweak for each client, and you’ll become a natural in no time!

Or, if you are in a sales pitch slump, these example pitches for Facebook advertisers will help you get back in the game and increase your batting average.

Sales Pitch #1 The Honest Pitch (Beginner Level)

If you are honest with your potential clients upfront, you will instill a sense of trust and vulnerability that is rare in the business world. Instead of falsely bragging on how many clients you turned into billionaires, be honest.

Offer them a free trial and get a case study. This pitch works exceptionally well if you only plan to work with one type of business owner, i.e., realtors, dentists, attorneys, etc.

Say something along the lines of:

“Hey, [Name]!

I’m learning all about Facebook advertising, and I would really like to put my skills to the test! Do you think you would be interested? My services would be free.

The only cost associated with this is the cost of advertising. I would run your ad for about a week, and I usually recommend spending $100.”

The Result

If they say no, do not take it to heart.

Sales is a numbers game, and rejection is part of it.

You can always ask if they know anyone who would be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

If they say yes, thank them and go through your onboarding process. 

At the end of the week, ask them how they enjoyed the service and how many leads and customers they received. Then, ask them if they would like to continue.

To sweeten the pot, you can offer them a deal on your services since they are among your first clients. If they say no to the discounted deal, and that they would prefer not to continue with your advertising services, thank them, ask for a case study and move on to the next client.

Sales Pitch #2 The Honest, Indirect Pitch (Beginner-Advanced Level)

You will be using the same tactic as the first pitch, but you will be going about it in a slightly less direct manner.

Pick someone, after researching, you deem an expert in his or her field. When messaging, congratulate the business owner on the success he or she has obtained. Ask if the business owner knows anyone who might be interested in Facebook advertising services.

The odds are in your favor here. The top business owners didn’t get to the top by letting the competition win. They might not be looking for advertising services right now, but they will not want their competitors to have the option.

Some business owners may be comfortable with their success and refer an employee or even a competitor.

Advanced level modification:  Instead of saying that you are learning about Facebook advertising, introduce yourself and tell the business owner that you run a Facebook advertising agency. Then, proceed with the rest of the pitch.

Say something along the lines of:

“Hey, [Name]!

While I was looking for [given profession], I came across your name. You are the highest-ranked [given profession] in the [location] area. Congratulations! 

I’m learning all about Facebook advertising. I would really like to test my skills and get some business owners’ new customers.

Do you know of any [given profession] that would be interested? My services would be free. The only cost associated with this is the cost of advertising.

I would run their ads for about a week, and I usually recommend spending $100.”

The Result

The chances are high that the business owners you hit with this pitch will gladly recommend themselves. If they don’t, there are plenty more fish in the sea!

This pitch works, too, if they are already running Facebook ads.

Sales Pitch #3 The Direct Pitch (Advanced Level)

The Direct Pitch should only be used by Facebook advertising agency owners with a bit of experience and results under their belts. If you are just starting out and are confident in your sales abilities, you can definitely use this pitch as well.

It is always recommended to build up a bit of rapport before hitting anyone with a direct sales pitch, but if you are good (and we mean really good), go for it!

“Hey, [Name]! My name is [your name], and I own [name of agency], and we create and manage Facebook ads for businesses. 

For [given profession] like you, we usually see [number of leads] per week with [percentage of actual leads turned to customers] of those leads turn into customers. 

The average extra income for [given profession] using our services is $[average extra income per week] per week, totaling $[average extra income per year] per year. 

Would you be interested in a week’s free trial?”

The Result

If they say yes, you can then discuss with them the $100 for advertising costs during the free trial. If you do not offer free trials, edit this part of the pitch and simply ask them if they are interested.

If they say no, well, you know what to do by now! You can cut them a deal, ask for recommendations, or just move on to the next potential client.

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The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads