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Starting Your Own Agency {Part 2} – How to Get Clients


This is part 2 of our series on starting your own Facebook ad agency – Read Part 1 Here

You started your own Facebook ad agency, and now, you need clients. Keep in mind, your agency doesn’t need just any clients. It needs the right clients.

For instance, wrong clients call you in the middle of the night and make demands. Right clients trust you and leave you alone. Wrong clients worry that your services cost too much. Right clients run prosperous businesses and know what it takes to be successful. Wrong clients are high maintenance. Right clients are low maintenance. Spend the time and find the right clients.

How do you find them?

This article explores the top techniques to defining, finding and capturing the right clients for your agency.

Print or save this step-by-step guide on how to get clients for Facebook ad agencies and get started!

Step One: Define the right client.

What does the ideal client look like to you?

First, you really need to think about your perfect client. Next, write down a name, age and profession. Make up his or her information if you do not have someone in mind. Ideally, your client’s profession would fit into this sentence: I need _______, so I need to find a _____(client’s profession___.


I need (a house), so I need to find a (realtor).

I need (a root canal), so I need to find a (dentist).

I need (to buy a car), so I need to find a (car salesman).

Your ideal client’s profession should be a solution to a problem or need.

Step Two: Find the right clients.

After you define your perfect client, make a list of potential clients in your area or in the closest large city.

To perform this step successfully, you need to do some research. Here’s how:

  1. Write a list of your potential clients’ professions in alphabetical order. Leave space under each title. Generate a spreadsheet for each profession, if that works best.
  2. At the top of your list or spreadsheet, write or type the geographical location, such as the city, county or region. To best serve your clients, choose only one client in each profession per area. Until you have a client in each profession solidified, feel free to include several for now.
  3. Go to Facebook. Log in, if prompted. Type in a profession and a location, i.e., “chiropractor Atlanta, GA.”
  4. Select the Pages option to avoid seeing people’s posts. Clearly, you would first consider working with clients with the highest ratings. Click on each business’s Facebook page and assess. If the business has great reviews and decent content, write them down on your list.
  5. Do they have ads on Facebook? The Page Transparency section, once clicked, allows you to see if your potential client advertises on Facebook. Record this information on your list as well. Even if they do have an ad, it does not mean that the client isn’t up for someone else taking over.
  6. Find out who owns the business or manages the business page. Sometimes Facebook displays this information outright. Most of the time, however, it requires a little bit of digging.
  7. Add the contact information, including the phone number and address, to your list. This speeds up your client acquisition process immensely.
  8. Consider adding the business owner on your personal Facebook. Do this only if you feel comfortable in doing so and have a business-friendly Facebook profile.
  9. Repeat numbers 3-8 until you have a full list of potential clients. This process takes a while. Break it up, if you wish, with bouts of contacting businesses and pitching your services to them.
  10. Cross off anyone who doesn’t want to work with you at this time. Don’t delete them. You can always circle back to them in the future.

Step Three: Scoring the right clients.

Lastly, we will focus on the bread and butter of this list: getting your potential clients to work with you. Here’s how:

  1. Solidify your process. Make sure your onboarding process runs smoothly and that you have it down pat. Clients want to know that you know what you’re doing. They will also want to know the process, should they choose to work with you. Try to get it down to three simple steps.
  2. On that note, have ready all onboarding paperwork, agreements, billing information, etc. Doing it all electronically? Go through the process and complete the forms at least twice to ensure everything properly works.
  3. Create the perfect pitches. The phone pitch differs from the email pitch. The email pitch differs from the in-person pitch. Three pitches should be good. Take your time with this step. Rehearse the pitches. (Yes, out loud and possibly with a friend or relative). Confidence goes a long way in the advertising world.
  4. Once you have the three perfect pitches, pitch them! None of this will work if you don’t! Pick up your phone. Send emails or Facebook messages. Schedule an appointment to talk about you running their Facebook ads.

Pro Tip: Did you add the business owners on your own Facebook? Build rapport by

commenting non-sales related comments on some of their posts.

  1. Repeat number four until you have paying clients! Do not spam anyone. Everyone hates spam, and it paints the picture that you’re desperate. Avoid potential reputation shame by going about the sales process in a classy and respectable way.

Step Four: Keeping the right clients.

You went through all of that work getting the right clients. Now, you need to keep the right clients. This is the easy part, but it could be the hard part. You need an effective way, a process, for this part too. Create the steps that work for you. The steps or processes should include an ad creation process and an ad monitoring process.

If you plan on only using Facebook Ads Manager to create and manage your clients’ ads, definitely have a process that includes every detail. Facebook Ads Manager is a vast, and often confusing, place.

An easier way to create and monitor ads is to use software such as our very own upRive. You can create multiple ads in seconds and monitor ads effortlessly by setting ad performance notifications. Right now, you can even try it FREE for 14 days!

Now, you know how to effectively get clients for your Facebook ad agency. If you need additional help or would like to learn more about Facebook advertising, check out one of our other blog posts!

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Samy Zabarah

Samy Zabarah is the creator of upRive. He also founded FUBSZ LLC, a Facebook ad management service based in Florida, USA, where he managed ad accounts for over 350 clients worldwide.

He started using Facebook ads in 2011, and since then, he has been using Facebook ads as his sole source of marketing.

By Samy Zabarah
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