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Facebook Ads Manager vs Power Editor – Which One Reigns Supreme?


Facebook ads manager vs power editor , what is the difference between them and which one should you focus your efforts on to create your next campaign and get that flood of traffic into your site.

Facebook Ads Manager vs Power Editor – Pros & Cons

Each of these has pros and cons that may be a deal breaker for you, so let’s dig into them:

The Facebook ads manager

Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook ads manager has something called guided creation that takes you by the hand and shows you the basics to creating a Facebook campaign.

It takes you step by step starting with the objective, then adcopy then targeting and finally to publishing the campaign with very simple instructions making it easy for anyone to create their first campaign.

The downside to this is that since it is so basic, it limits you in terms of split testing and having the freedom to create variations for headlines, body texts and audiences.

This is fine if you are starting out but once you dig deeper into Facebook ads and start to scale into larger budgets, you would definitely need to start learning about Facebook’s power editor.

The Facebook Power Editor

Facebook ads manager vs power editor

The power editor is the lifeblood of every serious Facebook advertiser, it provides the versatility of creating multiple variations of every single aspect of the campaign but has a steep learning curve and an unforgiving nature when it faces an error.

If you are currently using the Facebook ads manager exclusively and have not tried the power editor then I would suggest you start getting your hands dirty with the power editor, because this can be as lucrative and as destructive as you make it.

Facebook ads can only be sustainably successful with split testing. If you are not split testing then you are doing Facebook ads wrong. Simple as that.

Any marketer worth his salt knows that split testing is the life blood of every successful campaign. And the power editors purpose is to help you split test.

The major downside to the power editor is the steep learning curve it takes people to get the hang of it.

The power editor provides much more features and as a result makes it more difficult to use especially if you don’t know what most of them are.

You however have a third option, which is a beatiful hybrid of the infamous – Facebook ads manager vs Power Editor.

The Campaign Maker offers you the versatility of the power editor and the simplicity of using the ads manager.

The Campaign Maker is a Facebook authorized software that connects to your existing Facebook ad account using the Facebook marketing API to perform automated tasks with a unified goal of improving your campaign results in a quick and simple way.

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He started using Facebook ads in 2011, and since then, he has been using Facebook ads as his sole source of marketing.

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By Samy Zabarah
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