The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads

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Want the ultimate Facebook advertising strategy? Of course you do! That’s why we created this 17 point guide just for you.  Whether this is your first time advertising on Facebook, or even if you own your own ad agency, these 17 powerful steps will work for you!  Pull up a new document, or go old school and get a sheet of paper and a pen. Answer as quickly as you can. Perform all steps...

How to Choose the Best Facebook Ad Types Based On Your Objective


What’s the secret to Facebook ads success? For internet marketers, small businesses and professionals throughout the world, the answer to this question is as elusive, and desirable, as the Fountain of Youth. Like a modern day Ponce de Leon, the famed explorer legend says traveled to distant lands in search of this mythical fountain, advertisers spend countless hours deciphering reports hoping to...

9 Major Factors: How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?


These are the nine major factors of Facebook advertising costs, from the easiest to the most complex.  1. For each Facebook ad you run, you’ll set a separate budget.  Facebook will evenly spend the set budget for each ad throughout the dates you set for the campaign. You can choose accelerated delivery, if you want, which boosts the ad significantly for the time you specify.  2...

5 Insanely Successful Facebook Ad Targeting Tips


The best ad in the world stands no chance against the wrong audience. You have to place the right ad in front of the correct (extremely specific) audience to win at Facebook advertising. Perhaps, in previous ads, you have targeted a very general audience, including selecting both men and women and all ages. Surely, that’s the best way to bring in the most customers. Cast a wide net, right? Wrong...

4 Facebook Ads Metrics That You Need To Ignore & 5 That You Don’t (+free Ebook) 


So, you’re running a Facebook ad or two or three, and you aren’t seeing any results. Maybe you think you’re getting results from the high numbers under people reached or post engagements that Facebook is showing you, but you aren’t getting any leads or sales.  If your Facebook ad gets approved in a peak time, it can inflate these numbers even more. Don’t be duped. We’ll show you what numbers...

Amazing Headlines That Convert For All Types Of Facebook Ads Objectives 


Facebook will always attempt to optimize your campaign for you, but the ad content–and how well it does–will ultimately come down to you. A headline that invites the audience to take action, to think about a topic or to engage emotionally are all valid choices, but the headline objective needs to, in essence, match the Facebook ad campaign objective.  Here we’ll GIVE you amazing...

FREE 12-Step Facebook Ads Guide Checklist to Create the BEST Facebook Ads


The world of Facebook ads can be a daunting one.  If it’s your first time creating an ad on Facebook, it can appear deceptively simple–that is, until you have spent way over your advertising budget only to have two junk leads or none at all.  Maybe you have your own Facebook ad agency and would like to optimize your clients’ ads even more.   (More on how we can help you here).    Whether...

11 Ultimate Tips to Choosing the Best Audience for Your Facebook Ads


You’ve refined your Facebook ad copy. You’ve selected the best images and fine-tuned the visual design of your advertisements. But, the leads just aren’t rolling in. Frustrated, you toss your hands into the air and blame Facebook for your, seemingly, wasted advertising dollars. But, wait, before you give up, answer this question: Did you write according to what your audience truly desires, or...

The Ultimate Facebook Ad Management Software Guide for 2018


Your Essential Facebook Ad Management Software Guide for 2018 As we bid farewell to the 20th Century and burst into the new millennia, little did we know the world was at the precipice of connectivity unlike we’ve ever experienced. While social media platforms were steadily growing, what began as a way to connect college students marked the beginning of a new era. The year was 2004. At the time...

How To Manage Facebook Ads


Finding an efficient way on how to manage Facebook ads is critical to several areas of your business, including organization, testing, and calibration.   Facebook ads are a unique form of advertising because they are one of the few outlets on the internet that allow you to laser target your audience.  This can only be successfully achieved by a clean and succinct management philosophy that will...

The No Waste Approach to Facebook Ads